Wineries Within 1 Hour from London

There are hundreds of wineries spread across England, but a few are within a reasonable distance from central London. If you’re looking to get out of the city and into the vines here are the wineries within 1 hour from London. RIDGEVIEW WINE ESTATE It’s all about the bubbles at Ridgeview. A family run estate producing award winning English sparkling wine in Sussex. The estate is ideally located among the ‘picturesque South Downs national park and close to the bustling city of Brighton & Hove’. Bookings aren’t necessary for a general tastings, but pre-booking is required for tours. Get me […]

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3 Classically Inspired Sparkling Cocktails

Sparkling Cocktails

Sparkling Cocktails One of the things I love most about cocktails are the stories behind them. Many cocktails express the time period in which they were created, making them all the more interesting. Sparkling wine…refreshing at the end of a long day, but also a perfect compliment to social occasions and cocktails. These three sparkling cocktails are inspired by classic cocktails that are beloved by many: the French 75, Aristocratic Punch, and the Atomic Champagne. Leafy French 75 Inspiration: The French 75, also named Cocktail 75 or simply Soixante Quinze by the French, dates back to World War I. This […]

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Sparkling Wine – How It’s Made And More

making sparkling wine

How Is Sparkling Wine Made There are six dominate methods for producing sparkling wine around the world, but the three mostly popularly used are: traditional method, transfer method, and charmat method (also known as tank method). Traditional Method Advantages The traditional method is widely used to create the highest quality sparkling wines. Due to it’s quality it can be sold at a higher price. Disadvantages This is typically the most expensive method of making sparkling wine. It’s costly in space, time, and labor. Sweetness Levels The sweetness of a sparkling wine directly relates to the dosage – mixture of residual […]

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Trekking the Rice Terraces of Bali

Rice Terraces of Bali

Rice Terraces of Bali There are a number of charms that draw thousands of tourist to Bali every month. Though most visitors travel to Bali for it’s coastal beaches (especially in the south), the center of the island seems to encapsulate the heart of the Balinese people. Away from the touristic and overcrowded coastal shores – where many travelers enclose themselves behind resort walls that blanket them from the island’s everyday life – central Bali is where Balinese culture is most prominent. From Balinese dances, cuisine, to the rice terraces Bali can be a cultural wonderland. Like many others before […]

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Box Wine – The Good, The Bad, The Tasty

Box Wine

Box Wine Quick, whats the first thing that comes to mind when you hear ‘BOX WINE’? ‘Cheap’, ‘swill’, ‘classless’, ‘bad’, or just ‘eeew’ in general? Whatever you thought of I highly doubt ‘quality’ or ‘premium’ were terms that reached the surface of your mind. It’s true, box wine has a harsh stigma to overcome (we can thank brands like Franzia – an American campus staple – for that). This has been particularly true in the United Sates which is hard to believe of a country that loves wine coolers, jug wine, and drinking large quantities with ease in general. It […]

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